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Experience the luxury of an assistant
78% less.

We deliver specialized Virtual Assistants (VAs) so you can

get more done.

OutsourceAid Business Virtual Assistance
Virtual Assistant Starter Kit OutsourceAid
Nickie Cobble OutsourceAid Owner and COO
Virtual Assistant Starter Kit OutsourceAid and Amazon

Retail Price: $34.99

Your Price: $0.00

Don't miss out on our FREE tools!

Gain exclusive access to resources

that will empower you to more effectively

communicate with & use your new assistant!

OutsourceAid Etsy Birthday and HolidayTemplates
OutsourceAid Etsy Birthday and HolidayTemplates

(But, don't tell the rest of the world
we're giving them away for free)

Retail Price: $34.99

Your Price: $0.00

"My VA has transformed my life! By handling my scheduling and email, I am free to focus on more important aspects of my business.  I didn’t think I could afford an assistant, but OutsourceAid makes it possible."
Johnathan Downey

Looking to expand your business . . .
not your labor costs?

Hire a specialized VA or request an assembled team to increase your sales & service at a 78% discount.  

Outsource your weaknesses &
focus on your strengths.

(I promise, you DO have some weaknesses)

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Interested in growing your real estate business?

Reinvest 8+ hours a week by outsourcing tasks that

hold you back.

(That's 415+ hours/yr added back to your life!)

More members, more time, less stress.

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What we do.

We Source, Screen, & Interview

on your behalf.

Save Time by Saying Goodbye
to Job Posting Boards.

Allow us to remove the stress of candidate sourcing from your shoulders.

Gone are the days of:

Fees to post on leading job boards

Attending or sponsoring career events

Writing clear & compelling job descriptions 

Sourcing candidates, reviewing resumes, & scheduling multiple interviews

Preparing interview questions

OutsourceAid Sourcing

Source: LinkedIn Recruiting

Why we do it.

To save you time, money, & headaches.

Save Time.

We do all of the sourcing, screening, & interviewing

Skip the job fairs & career events

Begin delegating tasks to a remote worker

Save Money.

Reduce labor costs by 78%

No recruitment charges

Avoid traditional job board fees

Save the Headaches.

It is all done for you.

So, you don't have to miss a beat.

OutsourceAid Employee

Who we are.

A team of international

outsourcing experts.

We were once in yours shoes.

A business owner so accustomed to "doing it all" that we became our own bottleneck.

We wanted to grow our revenue, streamline our processes, and save time ALL while cutting costs.

Outsourcing was the only solution.

But how did we start? Where did we find qualified applicants? How did we pay them?

We found that hiring a remote worker can be

Costly, Complicated, and Time-Consuming.

And that is why we founded OutsourceAid.

OutsourceAid Hire

Where you come in.

Simply email us, complete our form, or schedule a meeting!

Book a meeting.

Free Consulting Call

OutsourceAid is here to guide you every step of the way.

We would love to hear all about you, your business, and your assistant needs!

Simply select the date & time that best suits your schedule. 

Free Consultation

View our Clientele.

Businesses who benefited by outsourcing.

  • My hire will be answering and making phone calls. Will my remote worker have an accent?
    Great question! All of our remote workers are outsourced from the Philippines. Since the Philippines was formerly a US colony, their citizens have a highly 'westernized' culture and English is their official language. With this being said, many of our applicants may have accents; however, it will be largely unnoticeable. Regardless, if some of your virtual assistant's work is reliant upon speaking to clients and prospects, please let us know, and we will make note of this as we are interviewing each of your top candidates. We understand that a foreign accent is not always an ideal quality when making sales calls or fulfilling customer support.
  • What if I want to interview my candidates?
    No problem! We try to make this process as easy as on you as possible, but if you are interested in evaluating your top candidates we totally understand! Simply let us know how many applicants you are willing to meet with (between 2 and 5), and we will help you schedule times for each candidate interview!
  • Why are most of your remote workers outsourced from the Philippines?
    In short: cultural similarities and lowest labor costs! Because the Philippines was formerly a US colony, English is their official language, they have a highly 'westernized' culture, they prioritize education (boasting a 97.5% literacy rate), and they have a large talent pool (with over 41 million highly trained individuals in their workforce). Not only this, but Filipinos are widely recognized for their loyalty, honesty, and work ethic. They value their jobs and are more likely to stay with their employers longer than the average American employee. Last, but certainly not least, due to their low living costs, labor and occupancy expenses combined are about 70% lower than in the US. This allows you to significantly reduce your operational costs!
  • What if my hire is not a fit?
    It's rare, but it's possible! If our selection for you does not turn out as planned, we have a 30-day replacement guarantee. This means that if the candidate leaves (or if you terminate them) during this amount of time, we will do our best to find you a replacement at no additional charge.
  • Why do I need a virtual assistant (remote worker) anyway?
    Delegating tasks and duties in your business is undeniably an essential step in growing your revenue and scaling. Why not outsource these responsibilities to a more hardworking (and more affordable) individual? Now more than ever, hiring remote workers is not only acceptable, but preferred by both employers and employees, as it reduces the business's overhead costs and provides the employee with more flexibility. In other words, you will save time and amplify profits through delegation WHILE cutting costs and increasing efficiency by outsourcing offshore.
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