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Protect your loved one
without sacrificing your schedule.

Your solution is obvious: 

Save ~$30,000/year with OutsourceAid!

Average cost of senior care assistance: $4,481/mo

Cost for our full-time Virtual Care Assistant: $2,000/mo

OutsourceAid SeniorCare
OutsourceAid SeniorCare
OutsourceAid Regular Check Ins

Worry less, and help them more.

Hire a Virtual Care Assistant.

Grocery & Meal Delivery:

Keep them fed without lifting a finger.

Have their favorite meals, groceries, & products delivered

directly to their door.

Ensure their cabinets are never empty and their

stomachs are always full.

Increase their safety by limiting their need to drive.

Reduce the likelihood of kitchen accidents.

OutsourceAid SeniorCare Grocery and Meal Delivery
Grocery and Meal Delivery

More than 1,200 Americans over 65 die due to a fire every year, and 60% of homes fires are caused cooking accidents.

Appointment Scheduling:

Never miss another doctor's appointment.

Avoid the stress of being placed on hold.

Prevent missed appointments with helpful reminders.

Feel comfort knowing that recommended follow ups

are being scheduled and not forgotten.

OutsourceAid SeniorCare Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling

About 80% of older adults have at least 1 chronic disease, yet 62% of seniors would rather "wait out" the symptoms than schedule a doctor's appointment.

Medication Reminders:
Save their life by stopping the confusion.

Receive help with which medicine should be taken

at a certain time and in a certain quantity.

Improve their health by helping them follow their

prescribed medication regime.

Alleviate their confusion and your concern.

OutsourceAid SeniorCare Medication Reminders
Medication Reminders

Studies show that over 55% of seniors take their medication incorrectly. This is responsible for 30% of hospital readmissions.

Regular Check-ins:

A proactive approach to accidents.

Empowers us/you to act quickly and save precious time

if an incident were to happen.

Provide them and you with peace of mind knowing that

they are being routinely checked on.

Prevent them from performing an action

that could endanger them.

OutsourceAid SeniorCare Regular Checkins
Regular Check Ins

In a recent year long study, 60% of seniors reported falling (most fell at least twice), 88% said they were alone at the time, 80% needed help getting up, and 30% remained on the floor for over 1 hour.

Companionship & Support:

Prevent the health dangers of senior isolation.

Minimize the high blood pressure, risk of infection, and

threat of heart disease associated with senior isolation.

Lower the negative impact that social isolation has

on a seniors' mental health.

Give your loved one the gift of company and ongoing rapport.

OutsourceAid SeniorCare Companionship and Support
Companionship & Support

Feelings of loneliness have been proven to increase a senior's likelihood of earlier death by 26%.

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